Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dx: Fx Tib/Fib

Total fuel points so far today: 3619. I'm earning fuel points while I'm typing: I'm seeing something wrong with this picture. I received the NIKE fuel band from one of my clients. We were discussing it over a training session wondering how it really works and if we could make a competition out of it. *naturally. So, on the right wrist sits what looks like a hairband. What does it do? I'm still not even sure, but it's keeping me motivated. 

4 things the Fuel Band does
 1. acts like a pedometer and will 'track' my steps.
 2. 'Counts' my caloric expenditure
 3. gives me 'fuel points' for moving. 
 4. watch (time of day)

Out of the 4, the watch it the only accurate tool on the whole band. However, and hear me is funky to look at something light up on your wrist, it keeps you motivated to MOVE more often than not to get to your 'goal points' for the day, and...well all the cool people were doing it. No evidence behind it, no scientific studies have been done, but in the end, I'm moving a little more and sitting a little less and listening to the little NIKE guy in my head saying "JUST DO IT!"

My goal is to get to 5000 fuel points/day. Now, with a broken leg that is something that isn't the easiest to do. Enter: CROSSFIT. Sometimes I think I'm more of a world class athlete than I really am. Sometimes I think I need a slap on the wrist and a stop button. If I had a reverse button, it would be better. How it happened:

WOD: (workout of the day)
6 minutes: Run 1 city block (back and forth) then 10 burpees TOTAL: 4 rounds
REST 4 minutes
6 minutes: 15 KB swings (#24) 10 pushups TOTAL: 7 rounds
REST 4 minutes
6 minutes: 10 box jumps, (24 inch box) 10 pull ups TOTAL: 2
2 because on the first jump I was so fatigued from the first 12 minutes of work and a full day of work that I landed on my shin on the box. Turned right into a huge goose egg on my leg, blood sweat and then finally came the tears. I tried to finish the workout, did what I could and then almost passed out from the look of it. 

It doesn't stop there--2 days later, BACK into Crossfit.
backsquats 5x5 then:

4 rounds:
12 dead lifts
1/3 mile run
15 kb swings

I think I was pretending to be wonder woman that day, because I was called a 'baby' because I didn't want to run and hurt my leg, hated it, looked the workout in the face and went for it. Well that was dumb. 

I ended up a week later seeing one of the doctors I'm working with, x rays were positive and bam, lands me on the floor of my apartment staring a my fuel band and my boot wondering how the hell I'm going to get 5000 points. #damn. 

I haven't sweat in a week, besides walking to  and from work with this boot on. I've been living in the world of twitter, facebook, blogs, and podcasts. I've caught myself using hashtags in text messages and real life conversations. I've realized after sitting down to look at whats going on in the world around me, there are a million people doing a million different things and we're all learning together from it. I've missed blogging, I've missed my friends, and most of all, reading. 

With the current population I am working with, it isn't always about getting your 'ass kicked' or how much weight you can lift. Its about being able to move pain free, finish a run without a nagging injury, or just being able to make it through the day without having to take an Advil. I see appreciation in clients eyes I've never seen before. I have seen determination through injury that is being overcome with perseverance that they will succeed. Then there is me, walking around with a boot on my leg...really?? I'm supposed to be the face of this circus and I'm just the opposite. 

So, time to slow it down, time to take it all in. I went into training with a mentality that I HAD to train everyday, no days off, get after it 100% of the time. The body needs rest, and sometimes it takes these injuries and events that happen to us to allow us to do just that. Do I still like CROSSFIT? yes, stay tuned for more blogging about this later! 

In the mean time: i'll #ROCKTHEBOOT with my matching outfits (whatever matches grey with a side of velcro). 

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