Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dx: Fx Tib/Fib

Total fuel points so far today: 3619. I'm earning fuel points while I'm typing: I'm seeing something wrong with this picture. I received the NIKE fuel band from one of my clients. We were discussing it over a training session wondering how it really works and if we could make a competition out of it. *naturally. So, on the right wrist sits what looks like a hairband. What does it do? I'm still not even sure, but it's keeping me motivated. 

4 things the Fuel Band does
 1. acts like a pedometer and will 'track' my steps.
 2. 'Counts' my caloric expenditure
 3. gives me 'fuel points' for moving. 
 4. watch (time of day)

Out of the 4, the watch it the only accurate tool on the whole band. However, and hear me is funky to look at something light up on your wrist, it keeps you motivated to MOVE more often than not to get to your 'goal points' for the day, and...well all the cool people were doing it. No evidence behind it, no scientific studies have been done, but in the end, I'm moving a little more and sitting a little less and listening to the little NIKE guy in my head saying "JUST DO IT!"

My goal is to get to 5000 fuel points/day. Now, with a broken leg that is something that isn't the easiest to do. Enter: CROSSFIT. Sometimes I think I'm more of a world class athlete than I really am. Sometimes I think I need a slap on the wrist and a stop button. If I had a reverse button, it would be better. How it happened:

WOD: (workout of the day)
6 minutes: Run 1 city block (back and forth) then 10 burpees TOTAL: 4 rounds
REST 4 minutes
6 minutes: 15 KB swings (#24) 10 pushups TOTAL: 7 rounds
REST 4 minutes
6 minutes: 10 box jumps, (24 inch box) 10 pull ups TOTAL: 2
2 because on the first jump I was so fatigued from the first 12 minutes of work and a full day of work that I landed on my shin on the box. Turned right into a huge goose egg on my leg, blood sweat and then finally came the tears. I tried to finish the workout, did what I could and then almost passed out from the look of it. 

It doesn't stop there--2 days later, BACK into Crossfit.
backsquats 5x5 then:

4 rounds:
12 dead lifts
1/3 mile run
15 kb swings

I think I was pretending to be wonder woman that day, because I was called a 'baby' because I didn't want to run and hurt my leg, hated it, looked the workout in the face and went for it. Well that was dumb. 

I ended up a week later seeing one of the doctors I'm working with, x rays were positive and bam, lands me on the floor of my apartment staring a my fuel band and my boot wondering how the hell I'm going to get 5000 points. #damn. 

I haven't sweat in a week, besides walking to  and from work with this boot on. I've been living in the world of twitter, facebook, blogs, and podcasts. I've caught myself using hashtags in text messages and real life conversations. I've realized after sitting down to look at whats going on in the world around me, there are a million people doing a million different things and we're all learning together from it. I've missed blogging, I've missed my friends, and most of all, reading. 

With the current population I am working with, it isn't always about getting your 'ass kicked' or how much weight you can lift. Its about being able to move pain free, finish a run without a nagging injury, or just being able to make it through the day without having to take an Advil. I see appreciation in clients eyes I've never seen before. I have seen determination through injury that is being overcome with perseverance that they will succeed. Then there is me, walking around with a boot on my leg...really?? I'm supposed to be the face of this circus and I'm just the opposite. 

So, time to slow it down, time to take it all in. I went into training with a mentality that I HAD to train everyday, no days off, get after it 100% of the time. The body needs rest, and sometimes it takes these injuries and events that happen to us to allow us to do just that. Do I still like CROSSFIT? yes, stay tuned for more blogging about this later! 

In the mean time: i'll #ROCKTHEBOOT with my matching outfits (whatever matches grey with a side of velcro). 

Fuel Bands, Crossfit, hashtags, New York and ME:

Fuel Bands, Crossfit, hashtags, New York and ME:

I landed this new gig in NYC. By new, I mean I've been here for 6 months and I still can't seem to grasp myself in what BEING in this city means. It means new fads, people who walk extremely fast, dog poop on the side walks, fancy bars with expensive wine, central park mayhem, tourists right and left, quiet upper east side, people just BEING. Its amazing when you walk down the street how many people are here. 

I leave for work at 5:45 am. Bagel shops are opening, sidewalks are being hosed down and the taxi drivers are lingering around the local bodega. Literally the city that never sleeps. Backpack and usually bright shoes, I come barreling into work usually at the 6:00 mark hits just in time to punch in. PUNCH IN?! I went from owning my own schedule to punching in...insanity. 

The gig: aka my title: Sports Performance Specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Upper East side, Manhattan NY. Working with the #1 orthopaedic surgeons, world class physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and nutritionists. I'm the bottom of the totem pole, smallest fish in the tank, sometimes I go by nemo. Talk about world class...this place has it. I'm lucky to be a part of it. Which takes me into where I am now...

I'm sitting here starting my blog again, hoping you will continue to read and follow because to be honest, life just got more interesting. On my floor in a 500 sq foot apartment with a boot on my leg, I'm sitting here hoping to find a way back into the fitness world through a new perspective in rehabilitation techniques and understanding how exercise plays in to the practice individuals who may not be crossfitters, triathletes, or olympians. I'm slowing my roll and I hope you will roll along with me...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From Turntables to the Bike--I like my beats funky

I don't lie when I say I "spin".
From living in Baltimore and following my passion for music by DJing in bars in Federal Hill to the quaint state of Connecticut creating a workout on bike, spinning is and has always been a part of my life.

Its funny to look back at some parts of our life and think of what we did and sometimes how we even survived. I consider myself a pretty lucky person, however I also consider myself challenged to create my own destiny.

A big part of my 'non-blogging' phase was when I was rehabbing my left knee from an injury I sustained when I was 16. I walked away, harmed; but still had a leg.

At the ripe age of 25, :) arthritis set in and created agony, frustration, and a fierce ambition to not let this stop me.

I hate to admit, but I sometimes feel like I quit. I stopped Crossfit, intense workouts, took the Docs orders to 'workout less.' If any of you know me at all, quitting isn't in my dictionary. I quickly looked for another way out. After being told that running wasn't in my future, I had to find another way to get back in my zone. Swimming ruined my hair color, (regardless of it being blonde or brown) getting on the eliptical trainer with a TV in front of me gave me goosebumps, biking...Ding Ding.

I traveled back to my roots (PSU) and spoke to former Athletic Trainers, doctors and even treked up to UCONN to visit the all powerful man of many words, Dr. Craig Denegar. I knew we would get along when the first line he told us in Therapeautic Modalities class was "the only place ice belongs is in the bottom of a burbon glass." Dr. D told me to get on the bike, start rehabbing and get stronger. Be smart, stay strong, carry on.

I was approached by a spinning studio looking to hire new coaches for their classes. I applied by bringing my ipod, energy and enthusiasm. I hadn't been on a bike since my last triathlon. I was scared and nervous, but I started my performance and began to W.O.W. the audience. I was in, I was hooked.

A way to get your sweat on, increase your aerobic capacity, enhance your athletic performance, burn fat, and stay injury free? Sign me up. I not only signed up once, but now for 7 classes per week. Go hard or go home right?

Two out of my 7 classes consist of a high school varsity girls lacrosse team. Talk about energia! I first walk around with a basket for all cell phones. None allowed during class. :)
I leave amazed every class about the intensity, strength, and courage these girls bring with them. It is empowering to know that they are doing the best things for their body, and as a woman its something I can be proud to be a part of.

The other 5 classes during my week are 6 and am. That means, hours preparing playlists the week before, up at 5, breakfast (aka fuel) packing multiple change of clothes, and onward for my day. I have everyone from experienced riders to first time participants, each creating their own destiny. Making sure the class is right for everyone can be challenging, but the first step that is taken by all is walking into the room. Everyone is there for one purpose, a percentage of hard work and dedication to make themselves healthier and stronger.

Its about your party that you create on the bike. Find your motives and rock out to your beat. I'm just there to motivate, its up to you to work!

THATS what I call a cool job.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ANNNND we're back....

Its been too long: helloooooo! (insert Seinfeld voice here)

I've been away, but now mentally I'm back again. A wild year it has been. By wild, I wild can you really get in the North East? Depends on how you define your life and what 'wild' really means to you.

Here is my definition of Wild:

I decided to make a career change WITHIN the personal training community and go corporate. Yes, I said it...working for 'the man' again. After the countless interviews, many train rides to and from New York City, new interview clothes (because we all know that I live in Spandex), and many hours spent traveling I made the decision that this was something I wanted. Its funny how things work out...or don't...I brought my 100% to the table, however my 100 wasn't was they were looking for. I felt defeated. What did I not show them? What was it I said that they didn't think I was 'fit' for the position?

The response: the 'branded' trainer from the facility is was they were looking for...and I wasn't that.

I may be a little too eccentric when it comes to my training techniques. I may sometimes have training ADD. I'll be the first to admit. I might want to become RKC certified one day, and the next do a barre method class. (two totally different forms of exercises!)

My direction and focus is making my workouts and my client workouts enjoyable. I take exercise from all aspects and turn it into my own cookbook. The more I know the more questions I can answer and the more recipes I can create. I can't say I'm an expert on anything. I will say that I am a well rounded personal trainer and fitness coach.

So...I shed a couple tears (hey I'm allowed), and then rose above it. I realized it wasn't about what I didn't have, but what the BRAND did want that I didn't have. I didn't have the 'stamp', and to be honest, I'm okay with it. I have found this time in my life to be one of the happiest I have ever been.

Some may call it wild, but in my life.

I'm teaching 7 indoor spinning classes per week along with running cardio sculpting classes at a personal training studio. On the weekends I still have my own personal training clients. The quality, bond, trust, and reliability among the instructors, willingness to learn and motivate are beyond anything I have been a part of. A community that has reached out to teach fitness, bring a new light and energy to the table, and to LOVE and be WILD about exercise.

Back to my wild side of writing, blogging, working out, and of course…dancing.

Next up: What Is this whole “SPIN CLASS WORKOUT ABOUT!?”

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recent e mails:

I was recently approached by one of my former college professors in regards to my advice on training for a figure show. My first thought was, I can't believe a teacher I had is now asking me for information and advice. This was one of my favorite professors from Penn State asking me for help with diet and exercise. I was excited to start spilling out information, stats, numbers etc. As my excitement built up, I started having a hard time figuring out why it was so hard for me to type it out in a message back to her. Here I was, filled with knowledge and facts yet I couldn't seem to write them all out. I took a few more sips of my starbucks, and then it all made sense. I wasn't excited about the information I was about to provide, I was hesitant because I was anxious. It brought back memories of training and dieting. I'm writing this today from my all out honest opinions and evidence. I'm not going to sugar coat this, so take it for what you want.
Attached is the e mail of my response to my former professor.

We should get together sometime soon! I'm not doing hybrid competition..I've been having some injury issues and trying to figure out what is going on with me health wise...from coming off the figure diet I have been having some bad stomach and bowl issues. TMI!?

In all honesty, and I'm sure you know this as well, the figure/bodybuilding mentality and training is terrible for your body. I didn't realize how much of an effect it would have on me post competition.

Sure, I realized what it takes to get 'ripped', but in all health related aspects its the worst thing I did for myself.
I have been having a hard time re introducing foods into my system that I gave up for 16 weeks. I can no longer process alcohol, wheat, and dairy. My body fat dropped so low that I haven't had a mestral cycle in 9 months. I have to see specialists to figure out how to cure a lot of what is going on with me, and in the end hoping I can have kids someday in the future.

It was not only physically but mentally draining for me. I'm not saying you can't do it, or shouldn't do it, but I just want to share my feelings and journey with you. None of it should be sugar coated to look nice. I trained in an untraditional 'bodybuilding' way by doing crossfit (which i think saved me in some aspects) and realized now that I could have done less and still seen the same results. I nearly killed myself with the supplements, workouts, and lack of sleep. It may look great from the outside, but coming off of it has been the hardest thing.

I had a desire to train for another one afterwards, but it was the time and money commitment that also stopped me into doing so. The glamor, glory, and fame make it look so appealing from the outside. What was happening inside was a different story. I train athletes and realized that what I was doing to myself (training like a figure competitor) wasn't athletic. I was lacking flexibility, spending HOURS in the gym without even sweating, and I wasn't having fun.

If you want to win shows, you have to bulk up, gain muscle (which is a lot harder than I thought), your clothes somedays fit and somedays will rip because of how big you've gotten. After you've done that, you have to 'shred' food from your already bland diet. Diet isn't the hardest part, it was mentally staying alert which was the hardest for me. My clients saw my mental state suffer, as did their workouts from the way I was not thinking clearly.

To say the least, it took over my life. It was all I knew. My family and friends (what I had left) came second. I was obsessed, and to be honest you HAVE to be obsessed to do it. There is no 90%. Its 110% or nothing at all. No more "just one cookie" or "just a small portion of milk in my coffee." No cheat days, and you cooler was your best friend.

I'm not sending you this to scare you from doing any type of show, because I have no doubt that you would be great. You have great muscle tone already and if you're diet is already in check then by all means I'll give you some tips and pointers to help you anyway I can. I figured this was the more genuine way to go about answering your question as a message instead of a wall post.

I am here to help in any way, I have A LOT of information in regards to diet and training so let me know what you think.

Hope you're doing well!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A programming Zen

Age? 1, 13, 16, 18, 21, 25, 40, 50, 60...all having a reason to celebrate the next 'chapter' in our lives. First birthday, teenager, drivers license, lottery tickets, shots, car rental, 'over the hill', and the 10+ thereafter are all milestones.
Firsts? communion, acceptance letter, job, apartment, pet.
Training? A new personal record, weight loss on the scale, new pair of pants you have been dying to fit into, new body fat percentage, decrease pain and injury.

All milestones in life.
What do these all have in common? A milestone is a part of your personal journey, goals, motivation and concepts.

What does this have to do with fitness...hear me out.

Sure, its easy to say you're 'going to the gym.' I can go to the gym all day...hang out...lift things up and put things down. But what am I really doing? Too often to I hear from people and see people with this exact concept. Start with some bicep curls to make me feel good--then hit up the 'ab' machine to start my 6 pack, maybe end with some recumbent bike. Sounds about right. If I'm really feeling good I'll throw in some tricep exercises. Sounds like a day. 2 hours later...a protein cocktail down the must be exhausted.

If this sounds like your workout or if you have done something similar, I would insert apology here for being so blunt, but you have no idea what you are doing. I was once told by a friend on how upfront I was to him about his love life...well take me as I am, I'll tell you like it is. Ab machines are out, bicep curls with a mouth piece are useless, and the recumbent bike on a level 1, RPM's at 150 will help you with joint mobility and not so much with fat loss. Moving on?

Its time for a plan. Its time for new exercises and time to hit your milestones with power.

Create a plan of action.
1. Write out three goals you would like to accomplish in 3 months.
2. Read new fitness articles (I don't care what it is, just start reading)
3. Look for nutritional information (the good, bad, and the ugly)
4. Ask for help, stop being shy. Most fitness experts are willing to help and will respond to your e mails!

Its possible to hit your milestones and goals and feel great. It starts with you and gaining knowledge and ends with success.

Create a plan, execute it, learn from it, achieve, believe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From the Inside

I have been motivated to create a new goal for myself every month this year. During the month of march I have not given up, I have taken a new approach to my goal. Although this one is not a physical project, it is a project that is about being me. Too often did I find myself wanting to compete, change my body, look a certain way, perform a certain way to please others. The drive was starting to be found on the outside rather than the inside. Outside of me was goal oriented, the inside was crumbling. So I have made march about the goal of being ME.
How often is it about you? How often do you pick something during your day that solely focuses on your needs for yourself?
We sometimes have other people doing this for us, but we forget an important aspect of digging inside instead of outside and helping ourselves.
I see this with many of my clients who are beautiful mothers, athletes, parents, business owners, and hard workers. They put other people before them. My job to them, I always start my training sessions by saying "This time, this hour of training that we spend together is about YOU. Its about your work, your body, your mindset, your goals."

I post this picture of Joe Pa during a strength and conditioning practice at Penn State, 2011 because it shows just this. At a ripe age of 84, he is still showing who he is, his passion, his efforts, and his love. Its for the game. That last 10 minutes of gassers at the end of practice is for the team, for the coaches, for the glory, but starts within YOU. Others will see this, become inspired and the efforts continue.

Forget about what the 'outside' wants or wants to see. Dig deep and find it from the inside. Be who you are, rely on that to help you overcome our obstacles. Create new challenges for yourself; and know that every month it can be something that works on you from within to shine without.

Be it. dream it. believe it.